Innovative Drive Units from Morrison

Improve your packaging line with a flexible drive unit for virtually any application. Our Morrison approach to drive units is based of your unique and specific application requirements. We take every aspect of your packaging line into consideration when designing drive units and assemblies for your application. This innovative approach increases success and decreases potential downtime by creating a smooth packaging flow.

Design, Manufacture, and Install the Most Effective Drive Unit

In order to allow for maximum flexibility, our drive units can be specially designed for a new application or to replace your existing drive application. Our experienced engineers use standard components to create custom designs in order to maintain your overall production. With years of experience, our professionals have helped thousands of customers manufacture a custom drive unit for their precise application. Morrison’s flexible solutions will keep your production line running smoothly.

With our metering, indexing, and counting solutions, the machine operator has complete control. Now, the ability to start screws, stop screws, and completely reset the order can be done with the press of a button. Take command of machine operation, knowing you have the ability to alter program settings at any time.

Morrison Control Handling Solutions offers:

  • Start and stop screw control

  • Screw fault detection

  • Recipe selection and configuration

  • Recipe reset and control over discharged units

  • Photo-eye settings

  • Real time machine and fault status

  • Custom count per minute (CPM) assembly

  • Dual metering, indexing, and counting functionality

Troubleshooting and Repairs

Don’t allow maintenance issues to prevent your operation from functioning properly. Morrison’s top priority is to keep your packaging line up and running. Whether your container handling glitch is minor or truly unique, our unmatched experience allows us to quickly identify and diagnose even the most complex, hard-to-find problem. From upgrading your drive unit to completely redesigning it, you can count on Morrison for any service you need.

Connect with us for product inquiries and to allow our reliable team to design and manufacture a drive unit to fulfill your production needs.

Get All Your Timing Screw Drive Units From A Trusted Manufacturer

With over 40 years of experience designing and engineering the most reliable container handling products in the industry, you can count on Morrison to exceed your expectation. We’re dedicated to providing the highest quality designed and manufactured products that fit the demanding needs of your plant and industry. With the most effective solutions for product handling in the market, make us here at Morrison your trusted crew of container handling professionals. Start maximizing throughput and efficiency by contacting us today about our drive units.