All-In-One Process

Feed, wash, open, dump, rinse, and crush at one operator station. Once the cans are fed through the screws and opened, they are processed through our fully equipped dump stations. Each dump station is configured to flow into the elevated can twist and chute, emptying the contents of the can. Once the can is inverted, the elevated twist chute vibrates to ensure all contents make it into the dump area which has a magnetic grate to collect excess metal shavings. Fixed nozzles washout the cans before they enter the crusher.

Model 60 Can Opener with Magnetic De-Lid System

The Model 60 can opener with magnetic de-lid system is mounted with a IP65 control panel interface to the main control box. This programmable machine (PLC) ensures trouble-free service and performance. Additional features include:

  •  Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene infeed timing screw 
  • Mechanical clutch on timing screw drive and de-lid drive 
  • 304 stainless steel construction
  • 60 cans per minute for #10 can 
  • Stainless steel barrier guarding 
  • Standard input voltage: 220V/3ph/60HZ with 1 H.P. Frequency Inverter Drive 
  • 24V DC control voltage, 40 amp circuit required
  • 240/3PH/60HZ included in price if required
  • Customer to supply ½” NPT line shop air (100 psi)
  • IP65 Panel view Control interface with PLC machine controls mounted to main control box

Industry Modifications

The Model 60 unit comes with standard tooling options for 603 (#10) can sizes. Quick change parts are available for can sizes ranging between 202-603. Change parts are available for: infeed timing screws, opener head spacers, can twists, and can guide rails. Custom tooling available.

Crushing your empty cans offers additional cost-saving benefits. Now your output can be recycled. Crushed cans don’t typically incur a hauling cost since they have a value for their weight, offsetting the removal of the load.