In 1971, Morrison Container Handling Solutions was founded when President Nick Wilson saw an opportunity to advance technical expertise and creative problem solving in the packaging container handling industry. With a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering, an MBA, and professional experience as an engineer to guide him, Wilson set about building the best container handling products on the market. Over the years, Wilson grew Morrison to be the industry leader in the innovative design and manufacture of custom container handling systems, timing screws and change parts for the packaging industry. Today, if it comes in a bottle or can, Morrison likely has touched it.

Joining Morrison full-time in 1997 after earning a bachelor’s degree in business from Kent State University, Wilson’s son Chris Wilson grew up in the business at his dad’s side since he was old enough to put containers on a conveyor. He has held many positions during his “official” 22 year tenure with the company and is currently Vice President of Operations.

In 2011, Wilson achieved another significant accomplishment when he convinced wife Nancy Wilson to bring her education and 25 years of leadership experience at Ford Motor Company to Morrison as Director of Customer Relations. Nancy began her career at Ford in Marketing and Sales and quickly grew through many leadership positions including Marketing Manager, Great Lakes; Product Marketing Manager, Asia Pacific; Director, Blue Diamond Parts Joint Venture; Regional Manager, Australia-New Zealand. She holds an MBA from Michigan State University. Nancy assumed full operations responsibility at Morrison as CEO in 2012. Today, through the Wilson family’s leadership, the company provides packaging container handling solutions to national and international clients, always with Morrison’s signature Support Built In. The company’s reputation is staked on reliable products, an unmatched dedication to customer service and its well-established record of success in solving the most complex container handling problems.