System features include:

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  • 1:2 Smart divider where there is an ability to pick and choose what lane containers are fed into. Many customers utilize this as an inspection/rejection station. This solution is extremely beneficial in the instance of diverting all product into one lane when downstream equipment shuts down.
  • 2:1 Combiner allows for the combining of lanes due to line requirements. E.g. there may be (2) filling machines and (2) capping machines on a line, but that line may only require (1) labeler to keep up with production. This solution provides a positively controlled combining process that is effective, easy to setup/operate, and utilizes a small footprint.
  • 90 degree turn and group addresses product orientation when feeding into different machines. Many companies utilize robots to pick and place products, but it is extremely important the products are presented in the correct format/orientation or the robot may not be capable of performing its required function. This solution allows robots to pick/place groups of containers into the correct orientation without the need for complex controls.
  • 90 degree turns prior to case packing/bundling. Customers may require containers to be turned from narrow side leading to wide side leading. This solution ensures that the correct pack pattern is created.
  • Invert utilizing a timing screw to power containers through the twisting process, instead of relying on backpressure/gravity to invert the containers. This solution allows customers to ensure all containers can run through the system, including the last ones on the line, as well as completely and positively controlling the container through the entire process (Showcasing two versions of the Morrison Twist - one plastic and one metal).

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