PACK EXPO - Las Vegas

Thanks for a great PACK EXPO! See you March 3 through 5 at PACK EXPO East.

Showcasing a Variety of Our Solutions

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Remote Support

Our legendary Support Built In® program adds Remote Support Capabilities, allowing for quicker service and enhanced communication with both local and foreign customer facilities.

Morrison’s technicians now can remotely provide support and guidance in real-time and have successfully conducted remote factory acceptance tests.

Special glasses, capable of PDF viewing, capturing and sharing photos and videos, and most importantly, livestreaming what a wearer is seeing, help support personnel review and troubleshoot in real-time from the office. The glasses can be safety rated and programmed to help guide changeover.


Smart Divider / Combiner

The Smart Divider/Combiner can be used for a wide variety of customer needs such as detecting differences in container color, labeling, fill level variation, and capping abnormalities to achieve individual container rejection, line balancing, color sorting, and inspection efficiency.

The smart divider is a result of combining Morrison’s extensive understanding of container handling with today’s controls and technology.  The innovative small footprint of the system allows for seamless integration into existing lines and makes it capable of running at high speeds.

Joining multiple lanes of product into one single flowing lane, you’ll have a system easy to changeover and one that gives you complete container control.